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Island Of Xanthal
Fly Xan, or lighthouse and enter portal 3 times

                    o         o Demon
                    |        /
                    o       o holy place
                    |       |
                            o 7-o
                            |   |
                            o---o           o---o
                          Eagleman          |   |
                                            o   o Thysa
                            5               5
            o---o       o---o---o                      o       o
            |   |       |   |   |                      |       |
            o   2   2---o---3---o---4                  o---4---o---o---o
            |           |   |   |                                    Kynase
            o           o---o---o           o---o
        Mercapto            |               |  Kalafungen
                            1               1
                                                o Multi-Headed Demon

                o---o   o---o---o---o
                |   |   |           |
                o---o---o           |
                    |   |           o
                o---o---o   1       |
                |   |   |   |       |
               /                    |
              o                     o
             /                      |
            o---o---o               @

Island of Xanthal

Long ago the grand-wizard Xanthal was working on the side of the fair kings and princes of the land. His efforts were concentrated on creating powerful warriors that could fight the evil creatures that swarmed across the lands. However it was discovered that in his efforts to create such super-human warriors Xanthal had strayed from the normal magical teachings and had become involved in black magic and witchcraft. It was dicovered that he was working with a small of group of other mages. All of them had been corrupted into using evil magic.

The wizards were banished from the kindgom of Medievia to a small far away island where they would spend the rest of their lives alone.

A few weeks ago a small ship was sailing across the ocean when a violent storm blew them off course. The ship came upon an island and to their horror they discovered it to be inhabited by wild creatures, part-human, part-beast. They barely escaped with their lives. Upon returning to the mainland the ship's crew told of their horrible encounter and word filtered back to the nobles of Medievia.

A notice has been proclaimed, by the king himself, to all adventurers. Go out to the island and destroy Xanthal and the minions he has created. Put an end to the evil once and for all.

The zone is NPK

Built by: Furan

Suggested Levels:
Solo: Singles 25+, Multis 20+

a LaFay Production