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Fly Wytherwind

If you are going to complete this zone you will have to read all the descriptions really well, I have not included a complete map as this would spoil the fun of exploring. Have fun, this zone is great 6 | o | o---o <----beneath the basement | o---o | o | 3d 6---o---o o | | | \ o---o---o o---o | | | | | o o---o---o o---o---o \ | | | | o---3u o o o---o---o \ \ | | \ o-\-o---o o o---o o o | \ | | | | o 3---o o---o---o o o---o <----basement, beneath the castle | | | | | o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o | | o o---a o 1---o---o---o \ | | | | o---o o---o o o | | *---o---o---o o---o---o | | | o---o---o o---o | o---b o | o | o---o---o---o | | | o---o---o | | | o---o---o | o | o---o | o---o o---o---o---o---o---o---o | | | | | | o---o---o---o o---o---o o---o---o---@ <-----zone entrance | | | | | | | o o---a o 1 o---o---o o | | | | o---o---o 2 o---o---o---o | | | | o o---o---o | | | o---o---o | b o o o | | | o---o---o---o---o---o o---o---o | | | | | t o o---o---o o <-----the upper floor | | | | o---o...o---2 o---o---o | | * o o | | | o---o---o---o---o---o | | o o \ o | o---o \ gas cloud, the go w,w,s,d, kill Antygen, then go down back to the Odd sitting room The paper contains three strange figures, nearly worn away with age... * * x * | | | | *-*-x *-*-* * * | | | x *-* You flip to the first page of the small volume... \ /\ / ithin each wizard and each warrior, within the soulfull piety \ / \ / of the cleric, and the glutonous infamy of the thief, within \ / the heart of the lonesome poet, and the hardened agility of the valient knight, rests, in proper proportions and in improper proportions, the virtues of the gods, in, be assured, vastly imperfect forms. Courage, the destination of the warrior, Compassion, the life of the cleric, Intelligence, Agility, Constitution, all the great virtues which, embodied in the creations of /\ the gods, seek out the destiny of the world. One || virtue, however, the first virtue, the governing || aspect of the human soul, which springs like a || fountain from the minds of the virtuous, and which |----| consistantly shows merry a trickle from the thick || minds of the wicked, controls the interaction of ** the other virtues. That savior virtue is Wisdom. Without Wisdom, Courage leads to foolheartedness, Strength leads to destruction, Compassion leads to folly, and Intelligence leads to oblivion. Within the greatest heroes and heroines in history, an underlying ocean of wisdom contributes to courage and wit, and feeds on those tributary aspects, enabling the reknown acts for which heroes are immortalized. During the fall of the ancient land of Wytherwind, whose powerful tradition will soon slip forever out of the \\\__________\ sight of men, there lived in the court of King Henner /// / one such virtuous individual, not among the valiant ranks of the armored, ivory guards, not among the \\\__________\ apprentices and masters in the Mages of the Western /// / Wind, not even among the peasants in their hot fields, whose toil would serve them better than most \\\__________\ in the line of courage. The hero of Wytherwind /// / watched with penetrating sight from the great swaying tower of the castle. She was no more removed from the understanding of the human soul than her long removed ancestor Chartra, and she was no more removed from the comprehension of her land's final, desperate hour, than the great ivory order and her father, the noble King Henner. She was what a true hero always is, quite reluctant to be a hero. After her beloved Kir had been taken lost for several days Marigeld feared the worst, and though her mourning was great, she managed to slowly build her own plan of action. Her mother's illness and death several months before had been the beginning of the evil that had since plagued the land. The King, her father, was beside himself with grief for his land and queen, and sat, as if in a trance, upon his impotent throne, and the sentinels of the great ivory guard walked the halls in servitude to Antygon. During the time of his return and the disappearance of Kir, the Master of the Western Wind had succeeded in enchanting the court into a mindless trance, and used the store of armor in the great armory to built a massive mound of iron, which, by some insidiously wicked encantation, he bestowed with deranged life (though it is said that he failed in his first attempts, and that the results of which, creations of hideous conception, writhe, chained in the lower levels of the castle). This great iron dragon, this silver tongued, silver winged, serpent he set to guard the energy of the souls he had entrapped from the court, from which he began to draw more and more power. Marigeld decided that the best course of action would be to use Antygon's evil creation against him, and though she loathed the idea of seeking out the hideous beast, she headed into ________ the southern wing of the castle, where Antygon \ / lived with his foul beast, and, pretending to c o o o/ be entranced and soulless, she slipped past the \____/ guards and found the beast atop the southern /\ tower, fast asleep, with its pouch of souls \/ strung around its body and the great Ivory Cup /\ nestled between its iron-scaled legs. She /__\ crept up to the resting beast and deftly reached for the sacred cup. But, the great silver dragon awoke with a snort, when Marigeld had but removed the cup a hand or two from the coils of the beast. It snarled and reared back, but through some strange twist of luck, Marigeld's hold on the cup was unaffected and she stumbled back from the uncoiling beast, the glintering cup in her hands. Marigeld fled in terror from the tower, pursued hotly by the enraged serpent, whose scorching breath obliterated everything in its path. The serpent was beyond thought, Marigeld had unleashed a totally unexpected turn of events. The great dragon was killing everything. It stormed through the halls in search of its lost prize, roasting and destroy everyone and everything in its path. Marigeld fled to the top of the northern tower, to the queens balcony, where she hastily deliberated over what she should do with the gleaming chalice in her hands. She heard the serpent storming through the halls below, and realized that it would never stop, till it had the cup back. She also realized that this was her (and Wytherwind's) salvation. She hide the cup and raced out into the hall, slipping back through the king's chambers and into the southern hallway, back into the darkened interior, where the evil mage rested. At the end of the hallway, and the beginning of the small western tower she found that a strange blue flame had engulfed the stairwell leading to the mage's chamber. She feared the dancing light, though it radiated no heat, but <| she could here the dragon returning along the | corridor and she had no time to deliberate, so / \ she dove into the crackling blue flames and / \ ran through the maelstrom to the mage's room. /_____\ The room was deserted but a glance through the _|_______|_ western window revealed a strange cloud of vapor |___________| that swirled with mystical colors and writhed | | back and forth like a vaporous whirlpool. | | Clasping her hands to her chest, she stepped | | off the sill and into the strange cloud, which bore her up and seemed thick enough to stand in, though if she rested for too long she felt as though she was sinking. After wandering about in the colored oblivion she suddenly found herself standing in the small study of the enchanter. The great mage rose from his desk in surprise, and reached for his hideous scepter, which rested on the end table, by his bed. But Marigeld was quick, sensing that the great beast approached she searched the room for escape, and found an odd portal in the corner, through which she could see a small sitting room. She knew she had no time to waste and dove into the shimmering hole, just as the silver serpent appeared from the swirling fog above. Marigeld found herself standing on top of a desk in a tiny room which she knew well, for it was the small sitting room next to the library where she had often read. She jumped down and stopped in terror as a great, shrill cry rang out through the castle, followed by a magnificent roar. She couldn't help but smile, pleased at the affect of her actions, but she knew that she must not waste time, she had to get back to the cup and flee her beloved home, for the dragon would not stop its hunt for her and the Ivory Chalice.

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