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The K'Sheyna Vale
Fly Vale

About The K'Sheyna Vale

In many ways, possibly the best zone Medievia has to offer to it's population, the Vale (Known either by the Hertasi (After it's most interesting and populous mob) Vale, or it's proper name--the K'Sheyna Vale) is a goldmine of experience.

That said, however, it is not to say that it is an easy zone. By far, it is not. Besides a favorite hunting zone for PK clans, the Valeis populated with very intellegent spell-casting mobs which blind a given form's spellcasters regularly and seem to like chucking fireballs. As well, the mobs wander extensively and quickly, and repop fairly quick to keep you on your toes

Level Suggestions:
A good form is a must in the Vale. It is not recommended to venture to the Vale if your group is under lvl 20 unless you want your formation to be PK'ed real quick--regardless of who is there and what clan likes whom.
A group recommendation is about 4 to 6 level 20+, which comprises of at least one mage and a cleric--Although it the more spellcasters of both classes you can bring, the better. Shield room will quickly become a group-saviour in this zone.
Bring plenty of mana--you'll need it. :)
Mobs of Interest:
Lots of cool mobs in the zone: Hertasi lizards, Blackriders, changewolves, and Hawkbrothers.
Once you tire of the faceless mobs, there are planty of higher level unique mobs in the zone: Starblade, Dawnfire, Darkwind, Elspeth, Skif, and the like.
With plenty of cool and hard mobs come lots of cool equipment. Some to a lot of it only restart (Although exact frequency I know not). Items of interest to this zone are primarily for those of intermediate levels (Mid-to-high-teens to low-to-mid twenties).
Gryphon Claws, Darkwind's Ring, golden cloak, Skif's dagger, and Changewolf-hide mocassins aplenty.
Special Needs and Warnings:
All mobs hit hard with spells right off the bat, and are agressive. Shield rooms often and stay invisible (Although Hertasi's can see invisible). Since many mobs are either hidden or invisible or both, Sense life and detect invisible are nice spells that can cut down on unpleasant surprises.
As well, most mobs are 'sanc'ed, so disignate a formation member to dispel as the fight commences. It will trim much time off the battle, and save bunches of much needed mana.
As well, it goes without saying that this is a NPK zone. Please follow NPK standards of ettiquette, and keep an eye on who is where--and checking to see what clan a player belongs to, and how high their counter is can perhaps clue you into the threat the pose to your form



                                                       1=Up to Dawnfire
              o--o--o                                  2=Up to Starblade
              |  |  |                                  3=Up to Darkwind, Elspeth
              o--4--o                                  4=Down to Skif, Nyara
              |  |  | 
                          |     |        |     | 
                          o     1        o     3--o--o--o--o--o--o--o
                          |     |        |     |                    | 
                          o     o        o     o                    o--o--o
                          |     |        |     |                    |  |  | 
              o           o--o--o     o--o--o  o                    o--o--o
              |                       |  |  |  |                    |  |  | 
           o--o--o        o--o--o o   o--H--o--o--o--o--2           o--o--o
           |     |        |     |/|   |  |  |           | 
           o     o        o     o o   o--o--o           o     o--o
           |     |        |     |        |              |    / 
           o     o        o     o        o              o--o--o--o--o--o--o
           |     |        |     |        |              |              |  | 
           o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o     o--o--o  o              o--o
                                         |     |  |  |  |              |  | 
                                         o o   o--o--o--o              o--o
                                         |/|                           |  | 
                                         o o                        o--o--@---entrance
                                         |                          |  |  | 
                                         o                          o--o--o