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City of Tear
Fly Tear

The City of Tear is one of Medievia's great cities, and has quite a few attractions. Not only does it have a trade shop, it also has several markets for the discriminating buyer; weapons, armor, food, and magic supplies can be bought at a moderate cost. There is also a bank, and a great Fortress, the Stone of Tear.

                                           |               |               
                               O           O       O       O---O           
                               |           |       |       |               
                                   |       |   |   |   |   |               
                                   O       O   O   O   O   O---O           
                                           |               |               
                                      Hut  O   O   O   O   O               
                                       |   |   |   |   |   |               
                           0---O---O---O---O---O---O---O---O---O---3(Offer DC here)     
                                   |   |   |               |               
                                   O   2   O               O               
                                           |               |               
                               O       O   O   O           O               
                               |       |   |   |           |               
   M=Mayor                 O---O---O---O---O---O---O---4---O               
   R=River Carthien                |       |       |       |               
   1=9s from Medievia on River     M       O       O       O               
   2=Entrance to CPK                       |               |               
   3=Fount of Wisdom                       O---O---O---O---O               
   4=Down to Hole @5                           |       |                   
   5=Hole Entrance                             O       O                   
   6=Up 1 to Maches Shen,                                                  
     Up 2 to Lews Therin the Dragon @7                                     
   o---o---o                                           |                   
   |       |               5---O---O                   O                   
   o       o                       |                   |                   
   |                               O       O---O---O---O                  
   o---7                           |       |                               
   |                               O---O---O                               
   |       |


Name Level Items Carried
The City
Myrrdhal 13Shadow Cloak
Black Steel Long Sword
Whitecloak Leader 13 golden cloak
polished golden breast plate
polished golden helmet
pair of polished golden leggings
pair of golden gauntlets
pair of polished golden sleeves
polished golden shield
Darkfriend Leader 8 Serpent Ring
Aes Sedai 18 Serpent Ring
Long Grey Cloak
Dark Green Cloak
Warder 17Shimmering Cloak of many colors
Heron Sword
Citizen 6 Clothes
The Stone of Tear
Lews Therin Kinslayer 30
Maches Shen 23 Pair of Scale Mail Sleeves
Black Marble Ring
The Black Ajah 21 Pitch-black Longsword, flaming brightly
Dark Black Cloak
Serpent Ring
The Red-Eyed Jewel
Golden Flute
Small Brass Key(to Wooden Chest)
Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah 18
Wooden Chestn/aThieves Dirk

Things To Buy In Tear
Armor Weapons Magic General
polished golden sleeves light silver dagger wand of fireballs barrel of beer
heavy plated boots silver dagger silvery blue wand hooded brass lantern
silvery helmet morning star platinum wand beltpouch
silvery breastplate snake headed whip prism wand leather backpack
golden gauntlets sword with a heron hilt scroll of identify bag
large metal shield swirling potion of blue and white hunk of cheese
dragonscale shield normal ration
arm plates finger sandwich

The Stone is accessed through a tunnel in the ground, and is guarded by the Maches Shen, a spell casting, aggressive monster. Within the Stone is Lews Therin Kinslayer...a dangerous adversary.
The City of Tear is suitable for soloing by level 10 and above, but the Stone should not be attempted except by parties of 17 or above...and make sure your cleric is up to it.

Of all the attractions of Tear, though, the one of most importance is the Font of Wisdom. This is where people come to offer their Dragon Crystals to the Dragon Statue, in return for practices. Chances are, you will visit this spot at least once, and probably many times. And if you want to have a bit of fun...try offering something other than a Dragon Crystal to the Statue...

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