City of Lyryanoth
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City of Lyryanoth
Fly Lyryanoth

The map is faded, but some parts of it are still readible, providing a rough guide to the city's layout: The Old City Hall Castle Daenar | Castle Anyaranal | Noth Street | Lan'y'nal Way | | T P I D I F B H | +--+---------------+----------------+-+ | S R | Y G | V| | Y | Melnshara Ave. Daenar Street Kalyilkik Ave. | M | Y | Pu| J C | Y W | +---------------+----------------+ Unity Street Unity Street Most of the right half of the map has been covered with the word, "DIE", written in large, block letters in red ink...
o o o o---o---o | | | | | o o---a---o o---d---o | | | | | o---o o o o---o---o | Church | o---g g---o---o---o Graveyard o o o---o---o | | | | | o---o o---o>--o o o o---o---o | | \ | | | | o o o o---o---o o---b---o Human Castle | | | Lizard Castle 4 8---o | | o---g | o o-o | | o 6 6---o---o---o o 7 | a | f o o o o o o o--o--i | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | / q---o---o o---o 4---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---h | | | | | | | | | | | v | | | | o 5---o 5---o---o---o o---o o o-9 o o-o o e o o o-o-o o o | | | T | | | | | | z o o---o o o o o o-o o o o->-o o-o o---g / | | | | | | | | v | | o---o---z o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o---$---o | | | | | | o 3 2---o---1 o o o | | @ o 1 - The Lyryanoth Visitors' Center (map) | 2 - The Museum of Lyryanoth (tapestry) o---o 3 - Bank | 4 down to 4 ,--- 5 up to 5, --- 6 up to 6 o 7/8/e - up 9 - A Treatise on the Lizardfolk Language a - up d - up and south for an exit from the ethereal zone f - up to Mayor g - up/slippery though(need claws from commoner) h - up/down to i x - church q - up/up/up | o cpk | o---o o o---o | | | | | o o---o---o o d | | | | o o---u---o o u | | | | o---o $---o
"A Treatise on the Lizardfolk Language Generally, the Lizardfolk have difficulty pronouncing the words of our common language. Some speak it acceptably with only a slightly broken effect. More often than not they prefer their native tongue. Although it began as only a spoken language, Lizardfolk eventually evolved into a written language as well, despite the fact most Lizardfolk have not mastered the art of writing. Following are translations, most provided by Lyrya Lan'y'nal, of many common Lizardfolk words. Those which are marked by a (?) should be considered as merely approximate translations. "
anyen - north               na'anyen - south
arnren - west               na'arnren - east
ayr - yes                   na - no
yil - at                    lak - in
kal - out                   yilnlin - corner
'y' - the                  'nin' - a
kik - work                  nen - play
lil - list                  aytle - time
kaylnik - maintenance
rayn - state of being(?)    'r - plural
yaytle - near future        kaytle - recent past
aylen - tunnel(?)           kaya - of
liyen - under               yele - street
eyl - and                   lif - need
ka - it                     nal - power(?)
gen - swamp                 ki - to

The cover of this intriguing little book reads, "The Common Man's Guide to the Lizardfolk Tongue." A fairly thin book, it appears to be far from complete. As you flip through its pages, you discover translations to some of the Lizardfolk words you have seen in the city:
ar       - aim       gara - gara
nila     - human     riln - only       nira  - route(?)
ly       - leg        yin - to         anyen - north
na'anyen - south   arnren - west   na'arnren - east
ayr      - yes         na - no           yil - at
lak      - in         kal - out      yilnlin - corner
'y'      - the      'nin' - a            kik - work
nen      - play       lil - list       aytle - time
kaylnik  - repair      'r - plural    yaytle - near future
kaytle   - past(?)  aylen - tunnel(?)
kaya     - of       liyen - under       yele - street
eyl      - and        lif - need          ka - it
nal      - power(?)   gen - swamp         ki - to

| | | | *-------* *----------* | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | *--------------* | | | ^^^ | | | +============================================+
Excerpts from the journal of Senthos, the Wanderer:

"After what seemed to me many days of travel, I at last found myself at the entrance to that city which I had heard so much of: Lyryanoth. Known also by many other, rather less flattering names - 'Kane's Folly', 'Lizardville', 'Swamp City' and so forth. Never to be discouraged, I followed my explorer's instincts, letting curiousity be my guide. I first entered the Visitor's Center, where I found a strange fellow cowering behind the counter. He insisted that Lyryanoth was a place of chaos and that I should not hesitate, but leave immediately. Such a discouraging welcome I did not expect! Yet, it was scarcely possible for me to leave, with my mount desperately in need of rest and my water and rations exhausted. I began to wander the city streets. Although the townsfolk seemed less than friendly, they neither appeared to be afflicted by any particular distress. I eventually realized the city was clearly divided. The western half seemed to belong to the humans, while the strange lizardmen (or 'Lizardfolk', as I often heard them called) claimed the eastern half. Occasionally I would take notice of one of these creatures among the humans, although I admit (with some embarassment) that I was very reluctant to venture into their half of the city!

Everywhere in Lyryanoth, I saw references to the two founders: Kane Noth and Lyrya Lan'y'nal, yet I found precious few details regarding their abrupt demise. Stranger still, I came across a few citizens who boldly informed me - apparently ignorant as I was - that Kane Noth, in fact, is still alive. Although they could not enlighten me to the circumstances of his disappearance, they assured me that the 'Visionary' would soon return him to the city. Much to my increasing bewilderment, no person seemed able to explain to me who - or what - this 'Visionary' is.

Growing a bit weary, I decided I should at least attempt to visit the King. Yet as I approached the castle, I was confronted by an angry mob, shouting for the King to aid them! I found it impossible to reason with them: they insisted that all manner of atrocities were taking place in the city, and that the Lizardfolk were chiefly responsible. From my own experiences, this seemed unlikely. The Lizardfolk were very simple in my encounters with them - they hardly struck me as being capable of any calculated malevolence. I truly believe that the disorder in Lyryanoth is simply due to a lack of strong leadership. Alas, I reluctantly admit that I was unable to see the King. As night approached, I sought out an inn, hoping that some idle chatter with a local innkeeper might satisfy my increasing appetite for knowledge...

The following day, my curious nature found a new item to obssess over: the Old City Hall. Truly a grand structure, the likes of which I had seldom seen before - yet strangely abandoned. Yet, even as I discovered this, I noticed a plume of smoke making its way heavenward from the top of the Old City Hall. It occurred to me then that perhaps Kane Noth merely faked his death, and is currently hiding out in the Old City Hall. Alas, it seemed an impenetrable fortress - the gate was securely locked and topped with sharp spikes. Perhaps if I can find the Mayor, he will allow me to investigate...

I have decided that I shall not leave Lyryanoth until I am satisfied that I have unravelled these mysteries. Yet, I believe that by doing so I will be embarking on an adventure worthy of the bravest of explorers, and perhaps beyond my own feeble means...

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