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The Githyanki
Fly Githyanki

A Entrance M Entrance To NPK Area
B Trapdoor. 3 Down To C N Require Key To Open Door
C Up 3 To (B) O Portal To North
E Down To Cellar (F) P Up 5 To (Q). Exit North To (O)
F Wine Cellar Up To (E) Q Myshella. Down One To (P).
G The Captain R Shool An-Jyvan
H Entrance To Adamantite Castle S Goes Up 2 To (T)
J Secret Exit In North Wall T Lord Gith. Goes Down 2 To (S)
K Up One To (L) V Goes Up 5 To (W)
L Down One To (K) W The Executioner. Down 5 To (V)
Gray Area Signifies NPK Area

This zone is suitable for a low level formation or a solo of about Level 20, maybe less. Hard to tell when it was soloed on lev 27 with no trouble, the exception being Gith who is very tough and also has sanctuary. After fighting and fleeing a few times I left him alone.

Most mobs are aggressive with a few passive mobs amongst them. You will need sense life for the Gish who are hidden.
You can get there by dragon.


Name Level Items Carried
Caryatid Column 10 Silver Hammers
Dark Druid 11 Hard Wooden Club, Coal Black Robes
High Priest ?
Large Bat 11
Gish (hidden) 12 Hard Wooden Club, Throwing Axes
Elite Guard 15 Silver Hammer, Silver Breast Plates, Silver Boots
Soldier 8 Silver Hammers, Silver Boots
Grumpy Sergeant 15 Silver Boots, Silver Breast Plate
The Captain 18 Captain's Sword, Captain's Helmet, Silver Boots, Silver Breast Plate, Captain's Cape
Large Rat 10
Black Pudding * 11
Myshella 10 Jeweled Silver key, Sapphire Studded Bracelet, Emerald green Dress, Diamond Necklace, Diamond Ring
Shool-An-Jyvan 15 Claw of Shool, Amulet Of Shool
Lord Gith 21 Adamantite Breast Plate, Gith's Helmet of Sight, Adamantite Leg Plates, Silver Boots, Adamantite Arm Plates, Belt of Power, Gith's Vorpal Blade
Executioner 20 Executioner's Axe, Executioner's Hood

* The Black Puddings are mobs where weapons are useless, so if you're a thief or warrior take along a few wands or something to fight them with. They are not aggressive so if you don't attack them they will leave you alone.
Most equipment is fairly ordinary with the exceptions being on the mobs in the npk area. Myshella holds some mana gear and Gith has some stuff I could not identify as I didn't kill him.
If any rooms or mobs have been missed, or the zone has changed in any way, please notify Lugh of the changes.

This page written by Barnwalf, Shadow Wolf.