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Gereth Minar
Fly Gereth

Gereth Minar is located to the southwest of Mythago Wood (also SW of Medievia City) on an island at the end of a jungle. Created by Shalafi, this zone is fascinating. Designed for levels 17-22 (I strongly suggest groups of at least 3), this zone is composed of 61 rooms. However, you must SEARCH very carefylly to find many of these rooms. In fact, even 'search' doesn't work all the time, so I would advise that you try walking in every direction, even those that aren't shown in autoexit. There are plenty of mobs to be found in Gereth Minar--and beware: they all appear to be aggressive. The mob to look for is, to quote Shalafi, "A powerful and slightly insane mage" who lives in the tower. Shalafi also mentioned that "as such [slightly insane] he is very paranoid. He most likely has some form of magical protection keeping intruders away." When I heard about this mysterious zone, with its "very unique form of barrier," I thought to myself, "This, I have gotta see!" Well, I've got to say that I was personally stumped. Very stumped; and as Shalafi refuses to give any more hints, I guess I'll just have to go back and try again sometime. I strongly suggest you don't ask him for any hints about it either, as he told me, "Players will have to figure out how to pass it [the barrier]" on their own. On the plus side, besides being a thinking challenge, there is a LOT of great equipment to be found on the mobs. There are both +dam and +mana pieces of eq, and they are very good for levels 17-22. This I know, as I went, I killed, I identified. So go check it out, people, see if you can find the crazy mage. Best of luck and happy hunting to you! ~ - and |: Path *: Hidden path o: Intersection 9***o---o-o*7 | | | | | | | | | o---o---U---o---D | | | | | | | | | 5 9 o 8 | | | | | | o---o---o---o---o | | | | | | | | | | | | 4---3 E 1 2 1.FLOOR: Ordinary mobs: Dark Lancer(lvl 15) Special mobs: Levy, the tower steward(lvl 14) a charred skeleton(lvl 18) E: Entrance U: Circular Hall and Staircase(secret trapdoor up) D: A Staircase(down) 1: Guardroom 2: Duty Officer's Room 3: Steward's Office: Levy, the tower steward(wooden key) 4: Steward's Bedroom(chest needs wooden key) 5: Servants' Quarters 7: The Kitchen and Pantry 8: Storageroom 9: The Great Hall(door west needs ring of keys, door south needs tarnished silver key on a chain): a charred skeleton(loads crystal lens framed in platinum) U | | | 4---1---o---o | | | | | | 3---2 5 CELLAR: Special mobs: the Jailer(lvl 16) a medusa(lvl 17) U: A Staircase(up) 1: The Torture Chamber 2: Jailer's Office: The Jailer (ring of keys) 3: Jailer's Bedroom(chest needs key?) 4: A Large Cell(door needs ring of keys) 5: A Large Chamber(door needs ring of keys): A medusa(loads tarnished silver key on a chain, silvery mirror-like shield, dark black cowl) o---o---o---o---o | | | | | | | | | o---U o---1 o | | | | | | | | | o---o---D---o---o | | | | 2 | | | * | | o 3---o 4 | | | | | | o | | | | | | | o---o---o 2.FLOOR: Ordinary mobs: Crimson Lancer(lvl 16) Special mobs: the Captain of the Lancers(lvl 17) Kurda(lvl 20) D: Circular Hall and Staircase (hidden trapdoor down) U: Meeting Room (up to The Observation Chamber) 1: Barracks 2: An Altar Chamber (chest needs key?) 3: A Hidden Alcove 4: A Lord's Bedchamber The Observation Chamber: With blood, sweath and tears, gratiously donated by Egrim the Mad.