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New Genesia (aka Dark Army)

New Genesia ("Dark Army")

THE STORY OF NEW GENESIA | By Slaavich | MudSlinger Press

For over five years the pillar of stone stood in the towns center. The homes, shops and farms where built with in a year. The town council, along with a handful of settlers moved to this secluded spot to govern themselves away from a feudal king. They called the New Genesia to commemorate a new start for the people. They were a simple farming community with no plans for war or conquest. They only wished to trade their wares with nearby communities. So it was to happen, for a short span of five years.

One man, Katal who sat at a desk in a cramped studied would never have believed that they would make it this far. When the council, in which he was a member, proposed leaving the city to start a new he was at first intrigued with the plan. Then one night he had a dream. He saw this new town, its people busily at work in the farms. All looked well, in fact very prosperous for the townsfolk. Then darkness fell over the town, and the people began running and screaming for shelter. Then before his eyes the people turned to bones and the city laid in ruins. Upon waking from the dream a cold sweat poured from his face and his breath was caught in his throat. Katal knew that this nightmare was prophetic, the gods warning him not to leave the safety of the city. He had to warn to the council.

The council ignored his warnings, as much as he pleaded his case. Some believed him, but sadly not enough. He was out voted six to four.

While he could never forget that nightmare, it was pushed away into the recesses of his mind. Katal gnawed at the end of his pipe as he mulled over the towns good fortune and how foolish he had been to want to stop this venture.

Then from outside a shrill cry went out in alarm. The person had screamed one word and one word that sent the councilman heart racing in panic, "Dragon!"

The elder swung open the door and his eyes made out shapes bearing down upon the town. He could make twelve large black forms flying from the horizon. He looked on in stark terror as the beasts descended to make their first pass at the town. All around people ran frantically for arms and shelter.

A small child ran from her house, no more than five years old, she looked on at the panicked people with a puzzled look. Then without any warning a black column of acid went through the streets, striking the fleeing people and the small waif who stood before Katal. Katal's stepped back, he wanted the image of the small child's final moments to go away. The visage would stay with him forever though, burned into his mind as the acid burned through her flesh.

The town was quickly taken by an army who worshipped these foul beasts that they rode. They called themselves the Dark Army and declared themselves the new masters of the realm. Katal did not know whether to thank or curse the gods on the fact that he was still alive. Many of the men where killed, only the woman and elderly men were allowed to live.

Soon Katal made a resistance group. They were small and far to old to do much against this army, but perhaps they could hurt them in small ways. Katal could not help but feel responsible for this tragedy, the gods told him of this and he could not stop the council.

One night he told the council of an item that may aid them in their quest to be rid of these invaders. It was a legend, and finding it, if it did exist, may be impossible. It was said to be south of Trellor or perhaps west of this very city hidden in the snowbound cliffs, where the yeti and winter wolves lurked. The group would send their best men and women out to find this artifact. It was called the Heartstone. It was their only hope, for hope was all they had left. ~

Mobs if interest: I dunno, old crone killed me before I got a chance to to loot any mobs :) -- so, tough zone. Lev20+ groups.
Aggro Hidden Mobs.

There is a small zone that is "outside the walls".. here it is:

 |     |     |
 o     G     o    G - Gate
 |           |    r - road (in wilderness)
 o     G     o    T - Trade Post (Dark Army)
 |     |     |
Here's New Genesia:

? - unmapped (some rooms block certain classes)
1 - Guild of Arcane Research and Training
2 - Temple ("pray-able") Close exits, I think mobs can enter temple.
3 - scribe
4 - Prison
5 - Warrior Training
6 - Stables (black warhorses)
7 - Jozell's Curiousities
8 - Inn
9 - Bank
10 - Post Office
11 - Armory
12 - Weapon Shop (?)
13 - Search here

  |     |     |     |     |
  o  ?--2     o     1     o
  |    8      |           |
  o  o/    9--o--10   11  o
  |  |        |        |  |
  3--o    /o--o  o     o--o
  |  |   o |  | /      |  |
  |  |  |     |        |  |
  o--o-7o     o     ?  o--o 
  |           |     |  ~  |
  o  ?  6--o--o    13 12--o
  |  |        |     |     |
  o--4  5     o--o  o     o
  |     |     |  |  |     |