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DeRah Villadom
Fly DeRah

DeRah Villadom is a small village nestled in a wooded valley along Medievia's western coast. It has several shops which welcome outsiders and are willing to do business with them. These include a trade shop, an inn, a general store and the stables. Although seemingly benign, this town has been afflicted by a terrible curse for many centuries. In an act of vengeance, no longer remembered by common men, a powerful, and some say immortal, mage laid an evil enchantment upon the area. Each night a blood red full moon would rise over the village, distorting and corrupting its inhabitants. They would become the vile creatures of nightmares, viciously murdering others and mindlessly destroying their surroundings. A decade after the curse was enacted, a priestess by the name of De'Rah visited the towne and witnessed the horrible fate of the villagers. For a week she prayed to her god for the power to relieve the suffering. She was unable to lift the curse, however, each morning, the people are spared the memories of what occurred the previous night. Thus since her visit, the town's people have believed that De'Rah saved them from their blight.

Madam Zash19
Water El.30Pale blue stone
no bash,kick
ThiefLarge Trap
WarriorGleaming Silver longsword
Butcher19Meat Clever
Old WomanWheelchair
CitizenSmall Pouch tied to a loop
Blue silk Robe
Long, forest green travelling Cloak
PriestIron gate Key(graveyard)
GuardKey to the Jail Cells
WidowGolden Wolf's head Ring
BlacksmithCrimson ring of Reg.(reset)
Large Trap
BartenderPair of knee-high Boots
Little GirlDoll
StableboyHorsemans Whip
-The only real note about the zone is that it is switched between day mode and night mode by triggers which toggle between the two. There are two ways of toggling the Night zone on, that being by entering the Dark Portal and by visiting the Destroyed Home (Where it is rumored where the curse was placed). Once the Night zone is toggled on, some changes happen in the zone: (1) You can not teleport nor phase out of the zone, and (2) the exit to the zone is gone, and the long eastern street loops upon itself north-south. The only way to escape the night horrors is to visit the Grave in the graveyard, which will give you back to the light-of-day.

-There are two scales of grouping levels for this zone. By day, the zone can be handled fairly well by a 3-to-4 person group in their mid-teens. At night, however, the same size group should be lvl 25+.

-To get to kill the Vampire you must get the key, which is reset eq only, from the Mayor's desk in Daylight DeRah. Go nighttime DeRah and unlock the door to the Mayor and waste the Mayor/Vampire.

-Some mobs actually get healed by Harms, so do not use that spell on the Gorgon and Undead Beast

-Remeber to check for Green Orbs on all corpses. You should find one or two per repopp.

-Not all the mob levels are correct. Ive used the who -n command which does not always give stats on the right mob

*This prisoner has Silver Bracers which are chained to the wall. To get them go Evil DeRah and kill him.

Banshee17Ring of Life protection
no bash, kick
Gorgon20Black armor of the Gorgon
Harm works like heal on Gorgon
Hag25A ripped silk robe
Warrior,Cleric,Thief, MageRing of Magic resistance(reset)
Gleaming Silver longsword
Clerics Mace
Silvery Ring of Regeneration
VampireBlack silk cord
beautiful iron key
Blood Elemental30no bash,kick,charge
Werewolf GuardKey to Jail
Undead BeastHarm works like heal on beast
Marfae17Torn and blood stained travelling Cloak
Ferocious Wolf20
Wolfwere25Silver Bracers
Engraved wooden Crossbow
Intricately carved Shield of a Panther's face
Pair of disembodied Eyes15No Kick,Bash
Pair of disembodied Hands15No bash,kick,charge
Engraved wooden Bolt
Gruesome Wight13
Greater Shadow
Doll Golem21
Iron Golem25a small pendant of a wolf's head,
molded from black iron(key to chest)
Wooden Golem15Moonblade(in chest*)
Man Eating Plant
Corpse of GirlBeating Heart
Madam ZashCross? Robe?

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