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Crime Underground
fly crime

Crime Underground

Mobs of Interest:
  Vonleige - tough (forget eq)
  Ankor - in hidden cell with lots of other mobs (forget eq)
  Recruiter - in "c" passage to north, and other places too. (bag of holding?)
  Black Gargoyles - in "c" passage, bags of holding, hard kills.
  Lots of sneaking thieves (hidden life)

a - one of the first rooms (a crate is in it). Have to kill a mob to get the
    crowbar (a key) in this area. Unlocking crate opens door to the C.U.
b- Vonleige's Study, have fun.
c - Going north are hard mobs, Gargoyles have bags of holding as may
    recruiter. Go too far north and you can't return south. You'll end up
    in Trellor (Trellor's sewer if I recall).
    Going south -- I forget if you can go south, so it remains unmapped.
d - hidden cell -- lots of norty mobs, including Ankor

                          o            o--d
                          |            |
                 o a--o o-o            o
        ^        |    |   |          /
        c        o    o   o        o
        |        |      \ |        |
        |              |  |        |
        c?          o--o  o--o     o
        v?                |        |
                          o     o--o--o
                          |     |  |  |
                          o--o  o--o--o
                          |     |  |  |
                          o     o--o--o