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history of the strays


In the early days of the world I arrived, lost, yet knowing
much of the inner workings of the world.  I was soon asked to
join a clan, the Chaotic Barflies, and proved more chaotic than
barfly.  Despite this, I learned the secrets of the Dragon
Crystals and grew wealthy and strong in the ways of the Thief.
While more comfortable on my own, I appreciated the presence
of clannies, but eventually grew restless.

By the time I was 2 I had amassed a fortune, buying my own
small house.  I could afford almost anything.  Somewhere
around this time the world changed, and people learned to
pursue new knowledge.  I resolved to become a Hero of
Thieves and a Champion, then to do something different.

I accomplished what I set out to, and early in the new
year (about 1995) proceeded to become a Cleric and as a
bare initiate (around level 2) formed the Strays of Life
and Death.

To be different, I wanted to try to find lower levels
who could learn about the world.  Most other clans (then
and now) only recruited proven people, often stealing
members from other clans.  I wished to raise people from
their humble beginnings to greatness without letting
others do most of the work first.   This meant that I
had to recruit unknowns, loners, and unprovens... my
own style as a loner meant that I must try to teach them
to survive on their own.

It took time, but I built my first clan of 20, and shortly
afterward cataclyms struck the world.  Clans were wiped
and we rebuilt, then wiped again and rebuilt, numbers
increased, but we were wiped out again to do it.  Each
time fewer members remained.  The world changed, and
more were lost.  The Great Crash hammered us, and for
weeks we lost touch with the world... I myself was lost
for two or three months, and returned to find the clan
mostly wiped out.

Slowly we rebuilt, and at last the world stabilized.
I became a mage, and soon we had our first Hero of
Four Classes (I had been a Hero, but in a different
age) Daze.  However, Daze had outstripped us all,
me being second to him and the others mostly far
below, he soon burned out and was lost.

Later, another star appeared, and Dalmair zoomed up
to Hero.  I myself soon completed the journey, and
we were strong enough to keep active for awhile.
But no others approached, and Dalmair became restless,
and was eventually recruited to another clan for
a time before burning out as well.

Slowly we have grown, and our members stronger.
Another Hero, Sirheng, raised himself from obscurity
to the pinnacle in mere months, only to burn out
shortly after.  But other Heros have arrived slower,
Sutanal, Dunraven, Pega, Kyle... and for the most
part they have remained loyal.  Quza is the last of
our lost Heros, and he has yet to find a place to
stay as long as he was with us.  And at last we
have grown enough to attract and hold Zinyin, a
Hero raised by other clans.

The moral?  Perhaps none.  Our accomplishments I
would claim as greatest simple longevity, starting
from nearly all single classes and raising Heros.
The candle that burns from both ends may be twice
as bright, but is gone twice as fast.
Many have fallen to the ravages of time, but we
continue to slowly grow stronger, and I am pleased
that even though some fall to other clans, many
of those have risen even to leading those other
clans.  Given time, perhaps even Marthaen will
someday join the ranks of Heros...


My comment about the last line : Yeah rite! =P

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